ECO Hi Tech adds cyclone-rated, solar car park structures

ECO Hi Tech is our manufacturing division. In addition to our solar PV manufacturing of commercial, cyclone-rated, Solar PV framing for roof top and ground mount systems, ECO Hi Tech now supplies cyclone-rated solar carpark structures manufactured to our rigorous standards.

These carparks are designed to be deployed in extreme conditions, including cyclone wind regions C and D. Our systems use Australian patented technologies and are world class solutions.

ECO is expert in manufacturing and applying technologies of the highest quality, in unique applications, in the most extreme conditions in Australia. More over they are 100% Australian Made and owned.

Build a better future.

ECO expands Catholic Schools' solar and battery projects

Throughout 2018 and 2019, ECO completed the scoping of an additional 40 Catholic schools in QLD and NSW for large-scale, distributed solar PV and battery plants. Over 200 school buildings were assessed for electrical and structural engineering to enable the deployment of renewable energy systems.

“ECO’s focus is distributed, multi-site, renewable energy generation and conservation projects. After design and installation, we maintain and monitor the whole deployment and manage it as a Renewable Energy Network. By the end of 2020, we expect to be managing a significant portfolio of sites deploying savings to customers and delivering additional capacity to the local energy grid.” Martin Oldfield, Managing Director.

Customer Savings

Eco Community has completed over 400 Commercial Solar PV projects around Australia. 300 of these have been in Australian Schools. 

Our projected savings in energy costs for customers is in excess of $170 million over 25 years to date.

We have secured over $15 million in capital subsidies for customers.