Eco Community's mission is to provide institutions with exceptional quality eco solutions, offering longevity, value and a lower carbon footprint.


"We are passionate about excellence. We set the highest standards and consistently deliver."

Martin Oldfield

 Managing Director 


Martin Oldfield
Managing Director

Ph: + 61 (0)413 593 441


Justin Oldfield
Operations Director

Ph: +61 (0)413 307 567



Natalie Gelwyn
Business Administration &
Operations Executive

Ph: +61 (0)418 949 525 



Eco Community is a solid, quiet achiever. We are a very innovative company, making the world a better place, every day.

We have delivered over 400 commercial-scale, distributed, solar PV projects across Australia since 2007. Our installations exceed 4 Mega Watts on well over 1000 different buildings. We specialise in multi-site deployments in cities and remote communities.

Our projects are currently delivering on-target savings in excess of $170 million over 25 years. Over the next 5 years we will increase this to well over $1 billion in Australia alone. Our success and highly innovative, template approach delivers the highest quality in the world and has gained international attention, including with the Vatican in Rome.

In our projects with Townsville Catholic Education Office, we are delivering $40 million in savings and remove the equivalent of three family cars of carbon for every one of the 13,400 students in Townsville Catholic Education. The cost savings on the power bills are equal to funding 500 teacher years of teaching!


Eco is proud to have outstanding leaders as our ambassadors.

The Hon. Tim Fischer AC

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, and Australia's first Resident Ambassador to the Holy See in the Vatican. 

Mr John Fitzgerald OAM

Tennis Legend and former Australian Davis Cup Capitan and tennis Olympian.