Eco Community has unparalleled knowledge and experience, funding and installing a full range of eco solutions.

Photography courtesy of Paul Faure-Brac


We are an end-to-end service provider and funder.

Eco Solutions categories include: solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy systems (grid connected and off-grid); specialist LED lighting upgrades (buildings and sporting facilities); energy battery storage and demand management; and efficient air-conditioning systems.

Our skills include: inspections and audit; structural engineering and design; electrical engineering and network integration; financial analysis and business case development; procurement and supply logistics; system installation; workplace safety; Communication and IT integration; quality assurance and acquittal; monitoring and ongoing maintenance. 

Eco provides capital funding for projects in a build, own, operate, and maintain model. We provide energy and carbon reduction as a service for approved commercial and government customers.

Eco’s evolution is one based on analysing the needs of customers, gaps in information in the market to meet those needs, and innovation to evolve and develop technical solutions to solve the problems that customers face.

Eco is now deploying its capabilities in four new divisions with new company branding.

ECO Solar Safe deals with the remediation and safety issues that plague solar systems installed in Australia over many years. The problems of poor installation (by others) are exacerbated by a lack of awareness in sisters that they need to maintain systems - not just for performance but for safety. Fires in solar systems are avoidable and urgent action is needed to address latent fire risks in solar Systems in Australia. Eco Solar Safe has this expertise and has conducted solar fire safety inspections on hundreds of buildings and conducted the required remediation works.

ECO Hi-Tech is our manufacturing and Research and Development division. Disrupting the trend, ECO is manufacturing in Australia. We have moved all manufacturing of our world-class, cyclone rated, solar PV framing system called “Storm Safe” back to Australia. We control the quality. Our manufacturing includes: framing and fixings in aluminium and stainless steel, electrical switch boards and control systems, and safety equipment.

In addition we are a smart company and develop software “Apps” for streamlining services such as installations, maintenance,, monitoring and inspections. Our Apps make work safer too.

ECO Care is our services division providing monitoring, maintenance, safety and insurance services. It is central to our philosophy that we take responsibility for the on-going performance of solutions. We have long term contracts in this regard.

ECO Renewable Energy Networks is our renewable energy management, aggregation and optimisation division. This innovative enterprise is the future business for Australian renewables, in action. Eco is already managing renewables across hundreds of buildings across Australia and will build this capability as one of the industries of the future for Australia. More than any other feature of the unique business we operate, ECO Renewable Energy Networks will deliver a distributed energy future for all Australians and export businesses of the future.

Quality is the core of what we stand for.