Welcome to Eco Community
Eco Community is an ethical company formed to facilitate the purchase of eco products and solutions by groups, particularly in the not-for-profit sector. We established our company in order to speed up the wide adoption of eco products.
Because so few people have the required degree of knowledge across the whole eco field, the need for expert guidance in selecting products and services is much greater than in any other field. In particular, our industry knowledge ensures that installation is priced fairly, carried out to a high standard and completed within the agreed timeframe.
Website aim
This website aims to provide its users with unbiased information about eco solutions so that they can make informed decisions on which product types will suit their needs.

Our assessment process

Eco Community is first tasked with developing and executing a viable environmental vision for each of our customers, based on trust and delivering long-term value.

We only recommend eco solutions that fit our list of demanding criteria. We deliver direct savings for our customers, provide turnkey managed solutions and, very significantly, we reduce indirect management and administration costs.

One of our Eco Assessors visits the customer's site to document the buildings and grounds in detail, and then to plan with the staff what eco products will best achieve long lasting savings - both monetary and ecological - through a balanced product mix.

A detailed report
is then sent to the customer, recommending both short term and long term eco solutions that will keep energy and water costs down and that will lower the carbon footprint of the site.


Once the report is accepted, the Eco Assessor then briefs our selected suppliers on the requirements, arranges their site visits, collates and checks that their products quotes are correct, judges the fairness of the installation quotes, and then sends a combined quote to the customer.


When the quote is accepted, the Eco Assessor facilitates the submission of any grant and rebate applications and council Development Applications.
Finally, the Eco Assessor provides quality assurance during the installation process and facilitates the resolution of any problems.

Your benefits

Eco Community leverages the aggregated buying power of over 18,700 institutions. Apart from being provided with direct savings on products and services, our customers also make significant savings in selecting and sourcing .

Since the eco field is so new, these administration costs are much higher than normal. Most importantly, Eco Community's industry knowledge works for you to stop the mistakes, unforseen extras, overruns and installation ripoffs that beset many institutions trying to make their operations more green.

Our strengths

Perhaps our greatest strength is having an unmatched knowledge across the whole eco product market. We not only know the strengths and weaknesses of the products but also those of the companies that produce them. We know the realities of the market and have the business expertise to negotiate to achieve the best outcome for our customers. Identifying the total cost of ownership and true environmental cost is really important.


Our long eco product experience allows us to vet suppliers for their quality of products, their financial stability, manufacture, delivery and installation capabilities and their ethical and environmental practices. We also have the knowledge to assess whether they can realistically guarantee supply - a vital element in a market where demand is so strong.

Lastly, the element that allows us to handle the diversity and volume of our work is our expertise in fomulating processes that work - even when conditions are at their worst. These processes are continually adapted as conditions change. In short, we are good at both the big picture things and in handling the tiny details.


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